C-68 Ga Masayoshi with Mount

Wide hirazukuri wakizashi by Masayoshi of the Suishinshi school.

This very nice sword looks like an excellent rendition of a Yamashiro Nobukuni sword. The suguha hamon is so deftly executed that people believe it is from a period 400 years earlier. The beautiful fine itame hada is well executed and shows well in its professional Japanese polish. The perfectly cut horimono adds to the appeal of this blade, and its magnificent shape makes this a very attractive blade.

Accompanied by a nice original koshirae, this is a really nice set to own. The original tsuka and saya tells us that this is probably the first and only mounting for this sword. The fuchi is a very nice shakudo water dragon, and the menuki are outstandingly done lobsters. There is no tsuba, but the original custom made seppa are still intact. The lacquer on the saya is a top level combination of fine mother of pearl with fine ribbed striping. The kozuka is also missing, however both of these missing components can be found rather easily. Masayoshi was a direct student of the famous smith Suishinshi Masahide, and his talent shows well in this blade.


Signed -Tsugaru no Ki Masayoshi /Bunsei kyu Nen Tsuki Hi. Certified NBTHK Hozon

1 Shaku 5 sun 4 Bu