MS-214 Mutsu no Kami Tameyasu

Excellent katana made by one of the top Ishido makers. Mutsu no Kami Tameyasu is known for his work in exuberant Ichimonji style choji ba. In fact it is said that many of his blades were made mumei (unsigned) to be passed off as older Ichimonji blades from the Kamakura period. Mutsu no kami is the 2nd Tameyasu, and the older brother of Bitchu Yasuhiro who was also a notable Kishu Ishido smith. It is written that he was first in Kishu, then made his way to Osaka and was known as Osaka Ishido. His blades have the “Osaka” styled yakidashi which is seen when the blade is in “Ubu” condition.

This particular blade we have is a solid example of a classic Kishu Ishido blade. One look at the healthy hamachi and munemachi tells us how little this blade has been polished through the years. It was obviously well cared for, thus making it a very top example of his work. The hamon is the well-known Ishido choji midare. The almost fire like temper line is very reminiscent of the works from the Fukuoka Ichimonji school. The hamon has strong activity. There is an abundance of ashi, yo with kinsuji. In the fine itame jigane is a faint midare utsuri, but is not easy to see as the hamon is so high! The kissaki is slightly longer than usual in this blade, but since it is on the wider side, it was probably ordered to be this shape. The blade has a very grand strong shape. Only in hand can one fully appreciate how healthy this sword is, “Kenzen” is the term for such a blade in Japanese. NBTHK certified and with a fine sayagaki by Tanobe Michihiro sensei. Blade is in shirasaya and the mounts on tsunagi all done by Japanese professional craftsmen.
Completing this sword is a very fine mounting with the fittings made by Ryusui. This artist worked during the mid 1800’s. The carving of crashing waves is done in a very excellent fashion. The attention to detail is simply amazing, and even the seppa have carving of waves on them! The fittings are made of solid silver, and even the menuki are waves. Another thing that is nice about this set, is the fact that the mountings have no repairs, it was obviously cared for many years.

Blade 1600’s / mount 1850’s

Signed – Mutsu no Kami Tameyasu NBTHK

Mountings ‘Ryusui”   signature is guaranteed to pass NBTHK shinsa within year of purchase

Length of cutting edge – 70.2 cm. Width at  habakimoto – 3.3 cm