MS-197 Mutsu Kunimitsu

Very nice Shinsakuto made by Mutsu Kunimitsu. Kunimitsu is a modern day sword smith, and his real name is Shingo Nagahata. He is from modern day Aomori prefecture. This blade is a very nice reproduction of a Koto blade. In some ways, this blade resembles that of a Etchu Norishige in both hamon and jigane. The hamon is a bright slightly suguha based gunome midare with ashi and tons of activity. The hada is even more impressive, having a nice itame with mokume pattern with lots of fine ji nie and strong chikei. One can stare at this hada for hours on end!. The boshi is of course very healthy and the blade is in good polish.The habaki is a solid silver one that is very nice. Encased in a very nice shirasaya.

The mounts are in very good condition. The tsuka consist of a very nice set of fuchi kashira with a type of stippled pattern. The menuki are a set of very very large dragons that on their own would be at least $700 or more. The tsuba is a modern day replica made of Brass? The scabbard is a very nice toned down “shu” nuri. This color goes very well with many types of mounts and is finished with a horn koiguchi and kojiri.

29 ¼” cutting edge length. 1.24” wide at habakimoto

Mutsu Ju Kunimitsu / 1993 Blade is shirasaya mount on tsunagi.