MS-177 Juyo Token Osafune Nariie

Excellent sword attributed to Osafune Nariie.

Nariie was a smith that worked in the Soden Bizen style of sword making. This was a style developed by 2 of Masamune’s 10 students from Bizen – Kanemitsu and Nagayoshi. This blade which is very healthy for its age has all of the Soden Bizen traits. The hamon is done in ko nie deki with nioi in a notare gunome midare. He is from the famous Kozori Bizen line, and is said to be the son of Kozori Morimitsu (not to be confused with the smith known as Oei Bizen Morimitsu).

This blade is a great classic example of a sword from the famous Nanbokucho period. The large point, wide body all point to the shape that was popular during that time. The temper line is a mix of notare with gunome. Ashi can be seen throughout the hamon. Kinsuji and sunagashi appear. Utsuri is also strong within a nice tight ko itame mokume jigane. The boshi is a midare komi with togari.

There is a very nice bohi that is carved in the best style as it ends in what is known as “kakudome” or squared off end. This is a very difficult type of carving and can only be done well by a skilled carver. The addition of the Bonji are also a sign that this blade was most likely special ordered. From the position of the carving, we can see how close this blade was to being original in its shape. Blades from this period that still retain the original carving are very precious making this blade a very top example of this maker.

This blade very closely resembles the workmanship of Kanemitsu’s famous student Masamitsu. This blade is in excellent condition, and has been confused with works such as Chogi in being so healthy and of excellent manufacture. There are different levels and quality of Juyo Token. When considering one, be careful not to just buy the name, but to buy the quality of the blade as well. In shirasaya.


Unsigned NBTHK Juyo Token to Osafune Nariie