MS-152 Tenryushi Masataka Kikusui

Long katana attributed to Tenryushi Masataka. Masataka was a student of the famous Ozaki Suketaka. This school was very well known for their exuberant works with their hamons. Because of the unique style of their hamon, they are often easy to kantei, even when unsigned such as this example. The blade is a very nice one, with a very artistic hamon of ko nie and nioi. The hamon which is a stunning example of rolling waves with a chrysanthemum (kikusui) is extremely well executed. The jigane is a very fine ko itame and there are no flaws. Fine kinsuji can be seen in places within the hamon. The boshi is a very healthy omaru. The blade has a very fine gold foiled habaki made by Brian Tschernega done in a custom ordered pattern known as sayagata. Brian is a 2 time all Japan champion habaki shi. In a high grade Japanese shirasaya.


Unsigned – NBTHK Hozon to Tenryushi Masataka