MC-3 Daisho Koshirae

Daimyo or Hatamoto Daisho set. Very elegant with top grade scabbards done in black lacquer with small sea shells inlaid in the saya. The bottom of the scabbards is also flat, which is usually seen only in top grade scabbards for the upper class.

Handle wraps have been professionally restored with a special type of ito. This type of ito is on the exspensive side and used only for these types of mountings.
Fuchi are very nice shakudo botan and in good condition. Shakudo menuki of shishi are seen on both tsuka as well.  Horn kashira are used as is proper for this level of Daisho mountings. Tsuba are very good quality iron plate with a dsign of itame woodgrain pattern.

Some shells are missing from the scabbards, but can be fixed rather easily.