MC-2 Daisho Koshirae

Fine abalone shell aoi gai lacquer, with some damage on the end of the sho scabbard.
Original lacquer is very high quality and an indicator that a higher up samurai wore this set.

Handle wrap is ubu and is a brown tea color, sho is original as well.

Both tsuba have gold fukurin and are iron design of leaves and vine.

Dai fuchi kashira are shakudo with leaves done in gold and shakudo.
Menuki are large gold shishi.

Sho fuchi kashira are done in deep black shakudo with design of plum blossoms. The menuki are also gold shishi.

Many collectors in Japan prize ubu original koshirae. It is a rare treat to find an entire mount, let alone a daisho set, intact. Here in the west, there is understandably a lack of whole ubu koshirae to appreciate. At one time, all the individual fittings that we collect were mounted on a koshirae. It is important to understand the whole picture of koshirae, how it functions in the period as a container for a blade.