Kat-113 Yasusada Katana with Mount

Long katana done in the style of Yasusada.

Blad has ogunome hamon with notare done in nie deck. Ashi and yo are present. The hada is a fine oitame, with chikei and ji nie. The boshi is very healthy and done in maru. The sword has a nice long shape with excellent balance for its length.

In addition the ounce are in very good condition. The tsuka has a very good wrap with a shibuichi fuchi. The tsunami is a very nice iron sukashi plate, and adds to the look of the mount. This type of blade can be both used for practice by a talented practicioner, or it can just be enjoyed on its own merit as it is a very well made fine sword. In very nice overall condition. It is very hard to find swords of this length and quality at this price with no flaws. Tsuba is a signed genuine Kishu Teimei who was a very famous tsuba maker from the Kishu area.



29.5" cutting edge length