Kat-108 Hizen Kunihiro Katana

Jo Saku rated Hizen Soshu Style Katana

Hizen Kunihiro is a Jo Saku rated smith from the famous Hizen Tadayoshi School. His work resembles that of Shodai Hizen Tadayoshi, especially in his use of konuka hada that the Hizen School was famous for making. The hamon is done in the style of Hizen blade when they did Soshu den. The large gunome midare with nice activity of kinsuji and sunagashii is reminiscent of works from Shizu Soshu den. The blade has a very nice itame hada with ji nie and chikei. The boshi is classic Hizen and very healthy. The sword is in a new top quality shirasaya and a very nice gold foiled habaki done by Brian Tschernega. NTHK paper.


Signed – Hizen Ju Kunihiro – NTHK Kanteisho

Length of cutting edge –27.5 inches