C-101 Juyo Chogi

Excellent blade by Osafune Nagayoshi. He is also known in the sword world as “Chogi”. Chogi was one of Masamune’s 10 disciples, and a fore runner in the style known as “Soden” Bizen. He was the son of Osafune Mitsunaga, but then entered Masamune’s mon and became a direct pupil. From then his style changed incorporating both Soshu with Bizen creating a new style that was popular during the Kemmu era. His works are very powerful, wide bodied Tachi, Naginata and saki zori Tanto are seen. His hamon is just like the blade we have offered here today. The well-known mimi gata gunome of Chogi is very famous and is a key point in kantei for Chogi. The itame hada has much ji nie, and slight utsuri appears. This wide strong shape, along with the other characteristics point to a very solid example of Chogi. The large point shows the style that was popular during the mid Nanbokucho era, and from the Bizen School, both Chogi and Kanemitsu utilized this shape after studying under Masamune. This blade is accompanied with a very well carved set of Bohi and soe hi. The tang is unsigned – osuriage mumei, but well executed in its suriage. Chogi is rated as Saijo Saku, which is the highest rating given by Fujishiro. NBTHK Juyo Token.


Unsigned – NBTHK Juyo Token to Chogi

70.2 cm