C-97 Ichimonji Nagamaki Naoshi

Sword type known as a Nagamaki Naoshi. Nagamaki Naoshi are swords that were originally known as a Nagamaki.

Nagamaki were long in form (Sometimes over 40” cutting edge length), especially during the mid 1300’s (Nanbokucho). Many were modified to be used as wakizashi and uchi gatana after the Muromachi period. There are many of high grade manufacture, main Schools such as the Bizen Ichimonji produced quite a few of these Nagamaki type. This blade has a very healthy hamon of gunome choji midare. This type of hamon is classic of the Yoshioka branch of the famous Ichimonji School. Ashi, yo, kinsuji appear throughout the hamon. The ji of course has Utsuri, but is hard to see in some places due to the hamon being so high! The jigane is a beautiful itame mokume mix. All in all a very healthy sword. Ideal for those that want a Juyo quality blade but not at a Juyo price. A beautiful sayagaki by Tanobe Sensei.
1300’s Late Kamakura period
Unsigned – NBTHK to Den Yoshioka Ichimonji
Length of cutting edge - 43 cm