C-90 Yamato Shizu

Katana attributed to the famous Yamato Shizu School.

Blades attributed to the Yamata Shizu School with the large extended kissaki are from the Nanbokucho period. Shizu Kaneuji when he worked in Yamato, helped to teach a very productive and high quality School. Yamato Shizu blades are very well thought of in their quality as as a result, there are a large amount of blades that have passed strict Juyo Token shinsa.
This blade is a superb example showing the classic characteristics of the Yamato Shizu School. Gunome with some togari, kinsuji in abundance with ashi make up the very nice hamon. The jigane is a beautiful itame masame mix. Jinie is very prevalent with nice chikei. The hamon which is made up of bright nioi and nie, has a very natural feeling.
This blade was most likely a special ordered, since it shows the remnants of a ken horimono from the tang to the upper portion of the blade. Horimono by this School are very rare, and the addition of the extra large kissaki shows personal taste in this blade. If what we surmise is true, coupled with the well forged characteristics of the blade, then it explains the high quality of this blade and making the designation of Juyo Token well deserved. Be aware, usually swords with this large of a kissaki are usually nagamaki naoshi (converted Nagamaki), but this is and always was a Katana or Nodachi, making it a very rare and collectable piece.
Unsigned – Juyo Token to Yamato Shizu. Sayagaki by Tanobe Sensei of the NBTHK.
Length of cutting edge - 65.41 cm