C-86 Sadamori Katana

Nice all original shape Koto blade.

Ubu signed blade from the 1500’s made by Taira Sadamori. Taira Sadamori was a student under the famous Taira Nagamori. The shape of this blade is very nice as it has not been altered at all, in fact the tang has only the one original mekugi ana. The signature is also very well done. The blade retains its nice original period shape of a tachi sugata, with koshizori. The hamon is a nice suguha with small ashi and yo. Sunagashii and nijuba are present making this blade look  like a Kamakura type sword. The activity is very nice. The jigane is a itame with masame. However, there are some openings in a few places along the blade. A groove is carved on both sides. One interesting point is that this blade has a sayagaki that states that this sword was given as a Honoto to a shrine by a Mr. Yamamoto Hisayoshi on Meiji 25. Signature is guaranteed genuine and to pass NBTHK shinsa if sent by us within 1 calendar year. A nice sword and example of a real Koto period sword at a reasonable price.
Taira Sadamori