KZ-118 Goto Teijo Kozuka

Shakudo Gold Kozuka of Bow and Arrow

Excellent Kozuka with NBTHK Hozon paper attribution to the 9th Mainline Goto master Teijo. He worked from about 1617-1673 and was under retainer to the powerful Maeda Daimyo later in life. He developed and furthered the Goto family tradition as can be seen in this tastefully done unsigned piece. The use of mixed metal shakudo and gold with “cat scratch” back on gold is something he was famous for and was done under patronage from the Maeda family. The theme of bow and arrows is a popular one in samurai culture and beyond the military application also had a semi-sacred nature. In Heian era the twanging of bows was thought to ward off demonic spirits. Even now, lucky bows and arrow can be found in some Japanese shrines during New Year season.  The theme itself is elegantly represented here with Teijo’s usual deft skill. The nanako background is excellent and is a great piece for the Goto collector.