T-138 Signed Hayashi Shigemitsu Tsuba

Design of Scattered Cherry Blossoms Sukashi

What is better than an unsigned Hayashi Shigemitsu? An unusually rare signed example by the second generation Higo master of course! It is said that there are probably less than 15-signed Hayashi Shigemitsu tsuba in existence. Whatever the case they are few and far between as he did not sign his tsuba in deference to who he was making them for and because he style of signature was done with a fine chisel, causing the signatures to literally wear down and become lost.

In this particular tsuba, Shigemitsu makes Higo classic use of gold nunome zogan on an excellent iron plate that displays all the characteristics that the Hayashi school is known and famous for. He signs in classic Shigemitsu style, with Hayashi on the omote and Shigemitsu on the ura. The signiature is very feint and can be seen in hand but is quite hard to make out in photos.

If you want to own a tsuba that you knew for sure was made by Hayashi Shigemitsu then here is your a chance to buy a certified, signed example in very good condition.

Tsuba comes with kiri wood box and NBTHK Hozon papers to Hayashi Shigemitsu.

Edo (1730-1816)

Signed Hayashi Shigemitsu – NBTHK Hozon

7.72 x 7.44 x .45 at rim