Set-102 Kaki Futokoromono

Excellent Set of Kaki (Persimmon) Kozuka and Menuki.

Done in the style of the Goto School, the quality is very high as one can see from the pics. The use of red copper to achieve the true natural color of the Kaki when ripe is very nice. The artist's use of gold with the shakudo and copper highlights the main design well. Kaki was a popular theme and were often given as a seasonal gift of goodwill. The saying Kaki Atsumeru means to get or gather up, the reference is to gather fortune or monetary items in a positive manner. All in all a very nice enjoyable set for a serious collector.


Unsigned - most likely Goto tradition

Length – kozuka 9.73” width 1.44” length menuki 4.92” width 1.28 cm