Set-101 Goto Mitsuyasu Futokoromono set

Excellent condition kogai kozuka shakudo nanako of dragons signed Goto Mitsuyasu. Goto Mitsuyasu lived in Kyoto was the 5th master of the Hanzaemon line and was also known as Goto Benjo. Evident in this set, Goto Benjo was considered to be very skilled. Set comes with NBTHK Hozon certification to Goto Mitsuyasu and is in excellent condition. The subject is of dragon riding through clouds. In this case, Mitsuyasu skillfully has the dragon going in and out of the nanako to mimic the cloud effect. Note the high level of workmanship and detail of the raised nanako over the body of the dragon. This set is signed on both the kogai and kozuka and is top grade. Kogatana is made of silver and has excellent hori of ume tree. Comes with kiri box.


Signed Goto Mitsuyasu – NBTHK Hozon certification to Goto Mitsuyasu

Kozuka 9.68 x 1.40 cm (21.9 cm with kogatana)

Kogai  21.2 x 1.17 cm