MF-50 Kirimon Goto Style FK Set

Very nice fuchi kashira set done in dark black shakudo nanako like that of the early Goto School. Sets like this are seen also done with Tokugawa mons and in a style that is considered “Jo Hin” or quiet elegance. Well cut, the Karakusa and Kiri is a design used only by the upper class such as the Toyotomi and some branches of the Matsudaira. The nanako is done in the old style from the early Edo period. True katana set, as there are no notches for kozuka /kogai. In very nice condition, this set can be enjoyed on its own, or to be used for a very nice blade such as a Juyo Koto blade. Shinsa is also an option.

Early 1600’s


3.9 cm x 2.3 cm x 1.1 cm