MF-428 Hamano Tsuba

Very nice shibuichi tsuba from the famous Hamano School. The Hamano School was very famous for their designs of warriors and battle scenes. Their carving techniques are very fine, as well as their use of mixed metals. This Chinese warrior is carved incredibly well, from the fine whiskers to the expression of his eyes. Even the horse is finely done, the mane is carefully carved with fine attention to the horses bridle as well. On the reverse, the classic tree carving of the Hamano School is found. This school has a very particular way of doing their tree trunks, and appears like it has life when viewed from afar. A very nice tsuba for both fine mounting or collecting.

Unsigned – “Hamano” NBTHK Hozon.

7.1 cm x 6.8 cm x 4.6 cm