MF-403 Mito Kinko Tsuba

Very nice wakizashi or tanto tsuba. Made up of high grade shibuichi, this is a very nice tsuba based upon the high quality carving of the design. The design of a man reading a book (perhaps under the moonlight) is enhanced by the fine detailed carving and also by using various soft metals such as gold, silver and shakudo. The fine lines on the huts roof are perfectly cut, and if you look carefully, the ultra small inlay of gold on the man’s clothing is exceptional. On the reverse, a waterfall is deeply carved under a katakiri carved branch of Pine. Though small, this tsuba does not lack in quality. In fact many tanto were worn by samurai of high status. Most likely by the famous Mito kinko school.


Unsigned  - Mito School

6.1cm x 5.6cm x 3.8mm