MF-282 Dragonfly Tombo Menuki

Nice set of Fuchi Kashira and Kozuka. The design of Tombo or dragonflies is a very popular theme among Bushi. Dragonflies go forward and are very strong, traits that Bushi respect. This set is nice together or can be bought individually. The Fuchi Kashira are made of iron with shakudo dragonflies done in deep dark shakudo with gold accents. They are very nice, and would look great on a very nice blade. Note that the shitodome in the Kashira are made of solid gold, showing the level of this set. The Kozuka is made of shibuichi,  with a gold and shakudo dragonfly (slight damage on one wing but it shows that the gold is done in tutor, a top level technique). Both pieces are very nice for mounting.
Fuchi – 4.25 cm x 12.4 mm Kashira – 3.7 cm x 1.9 cm
Kozuka – 9.7 cm x 1.4 cm

Fuchi Kashira - SOLD
Kozuka - SOLD