MF-261 Goto Kozuka

Very nice shakudo nanako kozuka with design of a court official holding a choji blossom while admiring a set of Botan flowers.

The workmanship is like that of Goto or someone high up that learned from the Goto. The carving is done in extreme high relief, and the materials are high quality. The nanako as seen in the close up is very well done showing the fine skill of the artist. We would recommend submitting this piece for shinsa, and we might if this piece hasn't sold by the next time we go to Japan. Another indication that this is a well-made piece is the presence of the split back of shakudo and gold. This is a very advanced technique, and if done well, as in this piece, demonstrates a high level of quality.

1600's in our opinion.


9.5 cm x 1.4 cm x 6.1 mm (highest point of carving)

x mas special