KOG-101 Wari Kogai

Rare High Quality Wari Kogai

Most likely from the mid Edo period, this is a very nice wari kogai. High quality wari kogai are rarely seen, standard kogai are more common among high level pieces. On occasion, special ordered pieces are seen, and are very collectable, or waiting for that mount that is missing such a nice piece. Made of dark deep  black shakudo, one would think quickly that this is a piece made by a top Goto artisan. That is quite possible, and in our opinion, this piece is either Goto or Yoshioka. This piece was definitely made for a high level person, as the use of the Kiri mon on such a quality piece easily shows this point. The use of gold for the end Kiri is very nice as a contrast with the black Kiri on the panel. In very good condition.


Unsigned – Goto or Yoshioka School (Never been submitted for shinsa yet)