FT-97 Rare Signed Set of Elephant Fuchi Kashira

Very rare motif of an elephant with elephant trainer implements

The subject of an elephant is most unusual as they are not native to Japan. Definitely a custom ordered set, this fuchi kashira is made by Mitsuyuki, who was a very well known artist and is said to be the founder of the Kikuoka School.

Mitsuyuki was a student of the famous Yanagawa Naomitsu. After he finished his apprenticeship, he went on to found the Kikuoka School and with his younger brother Mitsumasa succeeded in making the school famous. This particular example is very well executed. The shakudo nanako surface is done exceedingly well, and the elephant, which is most likely solid gold, is carved without deft elegance. On the kashira, the implements a trainer for elephants are done in takabori on a flawless nanako surface.


Kikuoka Mitsuyuki (Kao)

Fuchi: 3.8cm x 2.38 cm x 1.28 cm
Kashira: 3.5 cm x 1.9 cm x .9 cm