FT-72 Goto Kenjo Kogai Kozuka Set

Top Condition Set by 7th Goto Master

Goto Kenjo was the 7th mainline Goto master, and considered the last of the Momoyama period Masters. His workmanship is considered among the best out of all the mainline masters.
He was also the creator of the style known as “Kaga Goto” when he retired from the mainline family and went to work directly for the Maeda daimyo in Kaga province. His carefully carved pieces are greatly sought after, and since he is from a earlier period, mint condition items by him are rare. This particular set is in excellent condition and is of the best quality. The set is done in very high relief, and the dragons are done in solid gold as well.

Most likely this set was “kept” by a Lord or someone similar for safekeeping, thus the reason for its incredible intact condition.  The subject of dragons is one of the most sought after in design, and is considered a mainline classic. The dragons are well carved showing the skill of that made Kenjo a renowned master. Even the nanako is done to perfection and is a work of art.

Momoyama-Early Edo

Unsigned – Goto Kenjo NBTHK certified

21.2 cm x 1.2 cm x 6mm kogai
9.8 cm x 1.5cm x 7mm   kozuka