FT-36 Solid Gold Ichinomiya Nagayoshi FK

Solid Gold Nanako FK of Tori and Ki

A rare set of solid gold fuchi kashira. As opposed to gold menuki which are often seen, and the occasional tsuba or kozuka, gold fuchi kashira were considered an exuberant luxury and as such, are considered to be very rare items . This set was definitely special ordered not just because of the solid gold material used in the craftsmanship, but for the exquisite design as well. The nanako is immaculate, and the placement and feeling of the bird remind one of a painting.

If you are looking for a top level piece with top notch workmanship, look no further than this set. Made for a client with deep pockets, this fuchi kashira is a piece that is one of a kind. Nagayoshi was the next master after the well-renowned Nagatsune. He is not to be confused with a student of the same name, but with a different kanji. Nagayoshi worked during the late 1700’s, and proved his skill was on par to Nagatsune, thus the appointment of being the next master.

Solid gold base, nanako background. Excellent use of many precious metals, shakudo, silver, shibuichi and copper add to the design. The bird is done incredibly well (I wish I could identify it) with the fine work on the tree making this piece truly admirable. Such attention to detail is one of the reasons that makes top level tosogu makers renowned for their work. In a custom fitted box, original shitodome,NBTHK certified.

1700’s (looks like later because of the condition)

Signed – Gikoshi Nagayoshi (Kao) NBTHK Hozon

Fuchi - 3.76cm x 2.2cm x 1.19cm

Kashira – 3.34cm x 1.8cm x 7mm