FT-269 Hagiya Katsuhira Fuchi Kashira

Rare set of outstanding fuchi kashira by the famous Mito Master Hagiya Katsuhira. Katsuhira is known for both his bold interesting designs that are carved with great detail. He was sought after by many a Lord for his works. He was also appointed to be a master artisan for the Tokugawa government the Bakufu. In our LACMA exhibition, we had a blade and mount (both Juyo rated) that belonged to Lord Tsuchiya. This mount was made by Katsuhira. This set is very fun and interesting, the subject of the Super Boy Kintaro chasing away the Demon (Oni) by throwing beans at him. This traditional subject is known as “mamemaki” and is celebrated every year to “cleanse “ the household of evil spirits. The carving on this set is so amazingly well done. The use of so many different metals makes the design seem to come alive. He is truly a master that is why there are so many forgeries of Katsuhira that were done by his students. Verified works are few, but are easy to understand when compared to the forgeries. When viewed with a high powered loop, it only becomes more amazing. Top class for someone that wishes for a key piece in their collection. He is rated of the highest rank.


Seiryoken Katsuhira (Kao) NBTHK certified

Fuchi 3.9cm x 1.3 cm x 2.25cm / Kashira 3.6 cm x 1.7 cm x .9 cm