FT-258 Kikuoka Yukinobu Kozuka

Rare and unusual kozuka made by Yukinobu. This very nice kozuka done in shibuichi has many interesting facets of craftsmanship. The main design is of the constellation (maybe the Big Dipper) along with a fan known as a Hauchiwa. The fan, which is done very well in shakudo and silver, goes well with the constellation which is done in solid gold. The most interesting part is of course the addition of a compass in the piece. This was NOT added later,but as an part of the original kozuka. One can see it is original by looking at the placement of the design of the constellation and fan. The compass is surrounded by the kanji of the 12 zodiac animals which was used for telling time , as well as other types of measurement. The compass face has the four directions in kanji as well. Yukinobu was a direct student under the famous artist Kikuoka Mitsuyuki. A very collectable piece by a known artist, fitted in a custom made box.

Gyokusensai Yukinobu (Kao) NBTHK certified
9.72 cm x 1.4 cm x 4.2 mm