FT-256 Yanagawa Naoharu Tsuba

This tsuba is one of the reasons why Naoharu is so well respected. This is a masterpiece for this artist from the illustrious Yanagawa School. Naoharu was the son of the Yanagawa Master Naomasa. He was born in 1750, and studied under Yanagawa Naomitsu. He was also an assistant to the master Naomitsu as well. He is rated as Yuko in the Kinko Jiten which is the 2nd highest rank and became the master of the Yanagawa School after Naomitsu. His works are well received by collectors all around the world.
This tsuba is of very high quality. The design of what is known as Minogame (a sign of longevity) is extremely well done. The top grade shakudo nanako of course is flawless, but it is the way the turtle is carved that is most impressive. The main portion of the turtle is done in top grade shibuichi. The shell is trimmed in shakudo and gold. The head is made up of gold and shakudo for the eyes, silver for the nose, with gold and red copper for the teeth and tongue.  The claws are also done so accurately that they almost looking real in their appearance. It is hard to get a more top grade tsuba by this master, so if you are a serious collector, this is a great example.

Late 1700’s early 1800’s
Yanagawa Naoharu (Kao) NBTHK certified
7.26 cm x 6.81 cm x 4.1mm

Price upon request