FT-256 Hosokawa Mon Tsuba

Very nice soft metal Higo tsuba. This type of tsuba was very popular during the late Edo period. The well done mons done in gold zogan show that the person who used or ordered this tsuba was a main vassal of the Hosokawa family. All of the mons belong to the Hosokawa family, and it is obvious what would happen to you if you used these mons without the proper permission. The copper base plate has a very nice texture, with cut outs resembling that of the famous tsuba designed by Miyamoto Musashi. Higer grade Higo tsuba often had special rims applied as in this case. The rim is of a shibuichi type often used by the Higo Schools. This tsuba is sometimes done by makers such as Tani or Kobayashi Schools. They often worked for the Hosokawa family.



8cm x 7.5 cm