FT-200 Hirata Fuchi Kashira

Top class work by the famous Hirata School.

The Hirata School that was known for their delicate work in cloisonné worked for the Tokugawa family. The first generation Hirata Donin was commissioned to move to Edo and work strictly for the Tokugawa. This was an honor that lasted for many generations. On occasion, they also made teapots and other items at the request of the Tokugawa. The super fine workmanship shows Japanese metalworking at its highest level. The cloisonné is finely done, but the gold trim work is even more exquisite and seems almost impossible to do. Done on deep black shakudo, the mix of various shapes and objects for the design is classic work for the early Hirata. This set is most likely from the 2nd generation, and is in mint condition. Early works like this are very rare, as there were not too many of them made. For someone that appreciates the best in craftsmanship. Fuchi Kashira also have solid gold shitodome included. Set comes with custom box and  is NBTHK certified.


Unsigned – Hirata NBTHK certified

Fuchi – 3.8 cm x 2.1 cm x 9.3 mm

Kashira – 3.3 cm x 1.68 cm x 7mm