FT-167 Futadokoro by Kikuchi Jokatsu

Excellent set of Kogai and Kozuka by Kikuchi Jokatsu. Top student for Inagawa Naokatsu. His skill is very apparent by studying this piece. The high grade shakudo nanako background is of the highest quality. The fine workmanship on the butterflies is immaculate. All in all a top quality set from the 1700’s. Most likely custom ordered as he often did katakiribori for his normal works. Shakudo nanako pieces are of a higher quality, and are reserved for top clientele. Gold foiled sides and backs complete the set well. Fitted in a custom box.


Inagawa School – Signed Kikuchi Jokatsu (Tsunekatsu)  guaranteed to pass NBTHK shinsa if sent through us.

Kogai – 21.2 cm x 12mm x 3.6mm   / kozuka  9.7 cm x 14.8 mm x 5.2 mm