FT-165 Real Daimyo Dai-Sho Tsuka Set

Fantastic and super rare high quality Dai-Sho set of tsuka.

They don’t get much better than this, and are actually a great deal for what you get for the price. Top grade workmanship on both the fuchi kashira and menuki. The fuchi kashira are done the best quality shakudo nanako with 2 sets of kamon, Kiri and Mitsu fuji tomoe (Kuroda Daimyo). The presence of the kiri shows the association with the Toyotomi family. The Kuroda were a very powerful Daimyo and they have many excellent blades in their collection. An original set still intact like this is a very collectable item, and is a very nice piece for any serious collector.

The fine nanako with the delicately carved mons show the best quality given to a very high level lord. The use of solid gold shishi menuki also are a sign of their wealth and power. The menuki alone are probably worth anywhere from $4000-$10,000 depending upon which generation Goto made them.All in all the stuff of kings (true kings) a rare offer for sale for a limited time.

Edo period

Unsigned – Kenjo style (presentation)

Dai Handle – 8 7/8” over all length – 40.8 mm height of fuchi
Sho handle – 5 7/8” over  all length – 40.2 mm height of fuchi