FK-109 Kaga Kinko Fuchi Kashira

Excellent Sayagata Pattern Kaga Fuchi Kashira

Large, beautiful set of shakudo fuchi kashira done with famous sayagata pattern. Very attractive as a set, one can see why the Kaga style was very popular among the upper level Bushi. High-grade shakudo with ultra fine gold smooth zogan inlay shows the skill of the Kaga Kinko-shi. It is slightly mind boggling how they did such fine workmanship. There lies a small possibility that this set is Sendai work, but in our opinion, it is more than likely Kaga School. Sets like this hardly come up for sale. Kaga kinko collectors understand the rarity of having a good set available for sale. In excellent condition. Original shitodome are intact.


Unsigned – Kaga Kinko

3.7cm x 2.2 cm x 1.3cm fuchi
3.3cm x 1.9cm x .8cm