FK-107 Fudo Myou Fuchi Kashira

Iron Fuchi Kashira of Fudo Myou

Beautiful set of iron fuchi kashira with the dynamic design of Fudo Myou. Fudo is often depicted as a subject to fight evil and appears on many sword fittings and horimono carving on blades used by samurai. Often mistaken as the God of War, Fudo is actually the God who is the protector of Buddhism, as well las the God that destroys delusions. The term "unmoved" is often used for Fudo as he is supposedly unmoved by carnal temptations. This set is very well made. The iron base is well carved of clouds with a well cut silver waterfall on the fuchi. The kashira is even better in design with the clouds around the inset carving of Fudo surrounded by a solid gold set of flames appearing behind, showing his fierce power. Most likely by the Tetsugendo School who was very famous for this type of carving and design.



3.8 cm x 2.1 cm x 1.15 cm fuchi

3.3 cm x 1.85 cm x .8 cm