FK-106 Higo Kumagaya Yoshyuki Fuchi Kashira

Rare Signed Higo Kinko Fuchi Kashira

While soft metal Higo fuchi kashira are very rare, signed examples are rarer still and thus more desirable. There are numerous unsigned fuchi kashira by the Nishigaki and Jingo schools, and even more unsigned examples by what is known as the Edo Higo School.

Kumagaya Yoshiyuki was the official han kinkoshi for the Hosokawa family (Daimyo of Higo) and was said to have taught the 5th generation Kanshiro master as well. After he opened his shop in Yotsuya Edo, Yoshiyuki work became known as Edo Higo. The Edo Higo group was extremely productive in making fine mountings for koshirae. There are even NBTHK Juyo examples of these mounts, demonstrating how esteemed and well thought of they are in Japan. Even if this set was not signed, the exquisitely carved shakudo waves done in the Nishigaki tradition is collector grade. The fact that they are signed by the famed Yoshyuki make the set more special. The deeply carved waves have a nice “life” to the design and are well represented and has good heftiness to them because of the high-grade shakudo used in the contsruction of the piece. The set is large and made for katana.


Signed – Kumagaya (Kumaya) Yoshiyuki (Ka) See Ito’s Kanshiro bookfor examples of Yoshiyuki. Signature is guaranteed to pass NBTHK shinsa within 1 year of purchase if sent through us for submission.

Fuchi 4 cm x 2.2cm x 9.7 mm

Kashira 3.5 cm x 1.75 cm x 1.3 cm