FK-105 Satsuma Kinko Fuchi Kashira

Rare, ultra large Satsuma kinko set of fuchi kashira. Well done in very fine carving of gentle waves that exhibit the shibui feeling of the samurai. Satsuma fittings are rare in general; Satsuma kinko fittings are even rarer making this set a very nice find! Satsuma mounts are often over sized due to their sword fighting style that uses a large very long blade (usually well over 30") known as the "Jigen Ryu". What makes this set even more intriguing is the fact that we believe that they have nice age to them (meaning not from the Bakumatsu period), and are from an earlier period making them even more interesting. Done in dark deep shakudo, very nice condition.

Around 1700's

Unsigned - Satsuma Kinko

4.55cm tall
2.7cm face width
1.2 cm wide side panel

4cm tall
2.2cm wide